Too Late

January 18, 2013
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She holds her breath
and shuts her eyes
the night is dark
the December wind is cold.

the cuts on her arms and legs
have healed
but she is groggy from
the drugs she took.

soon it will be over
soon her pain will end
soon she'll be in heaven,
right beside Derek

she's suddenly aware
of the crash of thunder
of the rain that pours down
soaking her clothes.

it doesn't matter though
soon she'd be wet anyways.
she takes one step
and then two more

her toes hang over the edge
but she can't see how far down it is.
she hears sirens in the distance
and she knows that if she wants to leave

she has to do it now.
so she jumps.
down she goes
plummeting towards the water

she gets halfway down
and suddenly wishes
she hadn't jumped
but it's too late.

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