Everlasting Love

January 18, 2013
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WE met in
Junior high
Or middle school,
As it is now,
And we were friends.
We played marbles,
Saw movies at the cinema.
Oh, that's where we were in junior high

In high school, we advanced
You courted me
And we held hands
While we had Cokes
In the soda shop.
Occasionally kissing,
Making out in your Chevy,
Yes, that was us in high school.

While you were in college,
You proposed and I said yes.
I became a housewife
Made you coffee in the morning,
Roast on Sundays.
We were there in your college days.

You graduated college,
And we had 3 babies.
We were those rockers,
Bandanas and leather coats.
Brandon had a toy motorcycle.
Autumn, her pink bandana,
Will's studded jacket.
I remember us when the babies were little.

During their teenage years,
They rebelled
And we fought on how to raise them.
But you still brought me chocolate,
And I shined your hot rod.
And when the kids left,
We kept their Bon Jovi and Kiss.
Yes, we were that when the kids grew up.

The babies had babies,
And grandchildren reigned supreme.
We gave them their first milkshake
And Def Leppard Jam.
Biker babies we made them,
And we still gaze into each others eyes
Under starlight kisses.
Yes, that's us with the grandkids.

You came home one day
With matching jackets
And said to me,
"Here babe. I love ya."
Yes, this is us, now and forever

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