They Loved

January 18, 2013
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Lost a loved one recently?
I have, her name was

She was taken by someone known to me
In fact, you know him too
Tall, strong, and angry
So angry that you hide from him
So angry that the world plays keep-away with his dreams
Dreams of darkness
Dreams that you will find him
He hates happiness, but longs for love...for care
She was taken, hated for her brightness, but,
Wanted for love.
She was stolen -Life was stolen

Loved -She brought happiness
Life was sometimes sad
Longed for him
But when she finally got him
He destroyed her
Broke the world around her
Flood gates open, Rain storms
Dark clouds, Thunder, Lightning
Showed Life’s passion for darkness
But also for light

While she was destroyed
He searched for another
Humanity wants him, but does not want the pain
Like every relationship, there is always a fight

Was it love, or was it lust?
Is it anything-
Or am I just rambling?
I ask questions in search of an answer.
Within my mind an answer already decided
I loved Life -with all my heart, every last broken piece
Not knowing what happened -no one ever does-
But in my head, had a decision
I knew I had one -just hadn't acted

He was destruction, but in that, there is always a light
A tunnel meant for passage,
And the end, there is no knowledge
There is no innocence,
There is just, light
A light before darkness.
Or just open light,
Everyone finds him.
Everyone is taken.
Whether you were searching for him
Or just content with who you have
Those people are somewhat rare.
You are very lucky if he finds you first.
For if you find him, before he finds you.
Chasing after someone who is not ready for you
Someone who wants you but is extremely hesitant
She was believed to be ready.

Do you think Life was lucky?
I believe she was.

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ThePHSMuse said...
Apr. 9, 2013 at 1:35 pm
To whoever views this: if you could please comment what you think, that would be greatly appreciated!! :)
ThePHSMuse said...
Jan. 22, 2013 at 5:23 pm
If whoever reads this could please comment what they think, that would be great :) :) :)
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