January 18, 2013
What do teenagers talk about?
Do they talk about music, or doubts?
Nope, try again.
Do they talk about books or weather?
What about the sky, or pleather?
No, one last guess.
Do they talk about grades or cars?
Or clothes and stars?
Wrong! Here's the answer:
All they talk about is "whose pants they got in last night."
The teenage mind is obsessed with sex, and it's not right.
The halls of the high schools are filled with it.
"How'd it feel?" or "Did it fit?"
It's just sick and wrong!
"Was it long?"
The hormones need to calm the freak down!
The sex and "sexting" need to stop going aroun'!
Your only teenagers, you have a full life ahead!
Don't make all of that come to a halt 'cause you got into bed!
An unplanned baby, or maybe STDs.
So be cool, and out back on the sleaze.

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