When ..

January 13, 2013
When my hair flips back slowly , when we pass be and my heart goes joyly when I sit around wondering just quietly , when the sun shines in my eyes so brightly , when I look back at the memories and hold on to myself tightly , when the music is playing as to trying to enjoy it delightfully , when I try to express my feelings and start dancing motionlessly , when you look at me and my face Is all glowing , when I write everything seems so calmly , when my past comes by and it feels all coldly , when our hands touched and it felt so sweetly , when at times I felt so freely , and the spirit within me has lifted , as if it was god gifted , when our attraction felt into really deeply , as we were together so closely , as to now I feel lonely , but it as good to remember all so lovely , and every word was so menacingly , so kindly as if my wings has spread , they never had even drenched , at times being so friendly , thinking about everything we did hourly all the past memories monthly at times when you spoke rudely and harshly we soon began to past by each other swiftly , when I started my whole life newly , It felt so good to feel gladly when after everything I’m life my life all so happily . – Farjana Khalil Purba .

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