jet black room

January 17, 2013
Jet black room,
the beautiful voice of Rihanna playing in my ears
as i think about
everything that happens to be in my life,
and how would people feel if i was to ever touch the sky.

Have you ever asked yourself:
“Where would you be standing in 5 years ?”
Let me answer that for you
Dead,in Jail,,homeless or Pregnant.
You see having a “seed” is what they call it in my generation
s***.. you see now thats a trend,
ladies it isn’t cute that’s suppose to be a blessing
f*** it ,let me tell you more about all you could be in 5 years:

as i was saying,you could be...
a social worker, a doctor,a basketball, or
you might end up a President Who knows?
I my self lost alot of people ,and at that it had to do with gun violence.
what would it take for the community to come together as one ?
“We need it ,lets Do it”.
i just don’t understand how you young men or young ladies can hold a gun ‘
possibly shooting someone. why would you wanna harm a human Being ?
but listen when i die ,don’t cry ! pop bottles and just have a good time.
you feel in in your lungs ? it's foggy in there , you just can’t see it.
breath in … let it out , you relaxing now

and i'm back to my jet black room still listening to Rihanna,
as imagine my life in five years,I realize things do come true..

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