Mistake by Fate

January 17, 2013
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A mistake
Or was it fate?
our hands intertwined
But he's still mine.
It was wrong,
I'll move on.
But these feelings
are so strong.
I know I can't
But there's a chance
That I'm where I belong.
He's with her
I'm with him,
He's with me.
It makes it hard to believe
That our hands
Could fit so perfectly,
Or his lips would fall on me.
I breathed fresh air,
But he was there.
I looked away
But all i saw was his face.
I kissed his lips,
He grabbed my hips.
I saw red
consuming my head.
I've got to stop,
He's not not I've got.
It was fun,
But now it's done.
It was one weekend
That I weakened,
That won't happen again.
But I'm afraid I'll give in,
That I will sin,
Because of how deep I'm in.
Head over heels,
But this isn't real.
Get a grip on how you feel.
He's not mine,
It's a bad time.
But were intertwined.
I bend.
But this is the end.
No more mistakes.
It might be Fate,
But it's ending today.
I'm still afraid,
That my feelings will give me away
But today
Goodbye is what i have to say.

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