I Won’t Forget You

January 16, 2013
By TrekkieFangirlForLife SILVER, Oceanside, California
TrekkieFangirlForLife SILVER, Oceanside, California
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This is a hard poem to write
For I don’t know if you’ll bother reading this
But I sit at the keyboard typing it out
Wanting to tell you that you are one of those I miss

Though you lived down the street for me
We have barely even talked
But I manage to remember your birthday
I wish you don’t feel stalked

I send out a birthday wish to you via twitter
Every September on the 14th
Though I have only done it once or twice
I always have made it brief

I don’t know really, why I’m writing you this
Maybe it just a crush I have on you
But you are one I really care about
Hoping to help you with what you’re going through

Even if you don’t want my help
You at least know where I reside
I might not be that important to you though
But I’ll still be there by your side

I’ll close this poetic letter up
Let you move on with your day
Who knows when we’ll meet again though
I just hope you haven’t gone away

The author's comments:
this is an actual letter to a guy who oncwe lived down the street from me. His location is still a mystery me, but i wish the best for him.

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