A modern fairy tale

January 16, 2013
By i.heart.art SILVER, Rockport, Texas
i.heart.art SILVER, Rockport, Texas
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She wished she were a princess, living in a tower
Waiting, wishing, hoping, for her prince
He wished he had a girlfriend
Who would go with him to the movies
She pondered pricking her finger
Or finding some friendly dwarfs
He pondered taking a walk to the park
Or even going to a party
She decided to sit and wait awhile
As the days grew longer
He decided to venture out to seek
And as he searched for his girl
She fell asleep by the lake and dreamed
To create her own fairy tale
He fell down and did not want to get up
Though bravely he ventured on
She felt the night air through her dreams
And she knew that her prince should be coming
He felt that maybe he was delusional
And he went home and played video games.

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