Though It ends the new begins

January 16, 2013
The rustling of the trees brings me from my negative thoughts And I sit just to listen to the birds songs,
different melodies falling in the air around me.
The wind blowing gently only to caress my warm skin, the spray from the near by pond cooling me from the scorching sun that bear down upon me

The grass beneath me, where I lay, is not hard,
but is not soft to the touch either.
Opening my eyes hurts at first because of
the bright, bright sun.

Looking I see the light blue sky so
high above me, the white almost
cotton ball like clouds forming different
shapes, floating ever so slowly
across that big blue ocean like field above.

Last I see the trees swaying back and forth
Along with the dancing win. It’s fall and as the wind blows It takes the leaves with it. And as the sun falls
down, the sky burns with colors. Pink and
orange and purple and blue.

The last ray of light disappearing over the
horizon, yet not as the stars and moon takes
Its place. And though it ends the new begins as the day starts all over again to make the outstanding
entrance for the new day.

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