A Gift

January 16, 2013
Ten million boxes of all shapes and sizes
Ten million unknowns, mysteries and surprises
There’s only one rule. You must open just one
Not two, thirteen, forty-eight, or none
Though they may seem plain, check the inside
A gift is present in each, take time to decide
Perhaps your favorite color, maroon or sky blue
One that’s way in the back or easy to get to
In the middle of room was a white colored case
Surrounded by boxes, no leftover space
With crisp and sharp edges it stood out the best
Much purer and richer and cleaner than the rest
No bruises or bumps, no depressions or tears
Not a single one like it, no duplicates or pairs
With two silver latches that kept it closed shut
No one knows what it holds, no telling what
Unlatched and unlocked, the box, now exposed
The time had now come, to see what it composed
Inside was a device, a bright, golden clock
Ticking ever so steady at the bottom of the box
Time is something in mind that we can’t control or set
As each second passes, it’s a gift we all forget
To wake up in the morning and live another day
With each tick upon the clock, time sends a gift our way

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