Wonder why

January 11, 2013
I wonder why sometimes we have such rules where it's forbidden to be with the one you love , the one person you want , that one person you want to hold and be with times like this in the cold , the one person who makes us fly like a happy dove , so many people surrounded by us , telling us so many stupid things , why can't It just be me and you ? Why are there such people out there that make fun of me ? Just for wanting to be with you ? Why are there people spreading rumors just because I love you ? Just cause I want to be with you ? why damnit why are you guys hating ? Why can't you leave a happy person alone .. I just sit here laugh and wonder that how our world works , that There are such people in this world , one person laughs at you that same person is crying and dying on the inside so I sit and wonder why and how .?

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