True Legend

January 11, 2013
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Queen of the fillies, star of the track,
with a bit in her mouth, and saddle on her back.
She shattered the records, left many hearts broken,
prancing from her races, each victory a token.
She was unfetchable, even before she was bought,
defeating her opponents, she couldn't be caught.
At first she was laughed at, they made fun of her size,
but she soon showed them, that she was the prize.
Running like the wind, with joy in each stride,
racing ahead of her enemies, they were never at her side.
There was no one like her, she couldn't me matched,
she ran away with her races, their victories she snatched.

On the misty, early morning, after breezing through the furlong,
everybody around her knew, that she was great all along.
She piled up victory after victory, win after win,
but then it happened, and oh, what a sin.
She didn't deserve it, she never gave up,
she yanked on the bit, her leg shattered like a cup.
Finally, she stopped, and was loaded into the van,
she screamed in pain, but she did what she can.
They did what they could, but she couldn't be mended,
it didn't go well, and her life was ended.
She went out a great champion, topping every chart,
proving that only death, could stop her racing heart.

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