A Monster Called "Hate"

January 11, 2013
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I speak,
I'm silenced,
whenever I stand tall,
you try to knock me down,
you want to watch me fall,

you want to see me crawl,
you want to feel me squirm; between your claws.

Well you'll never make me break,
I am not afraid,
and there's nothing you can make me do,
and after all the hell you put me through,
excuses won't buy my mercy,

bleeding skies,
reddening eyes,

I stand still,
ready to embrace the coming tide,
towering shadow above,
crashing waves,
trying to sweep me away,
into your current of hate,
dragging me down to Hell's gate,
something inside has awakened,
and I desire the taste of
sweet revenge,

I'm a vampire for your blood,
sucking away your every being,
from your veins,
it all drips away,
you have fallen,
and I have risen,
but have I won?

The debt of revenge has been paid,
but now I am a monster enslaved; to anger and hate,
look at the monster you've created World,
look at what I've made me,
when I look in the mirror,
I don't even see my face anymore.

It's the graveyard silence,
after the storm,
and nobody is anything anymore.
Loser and victor,
was lost in the cold winter,
now our corpses are statues of heartless ice,
worn, broken, shattered,
torn, and tattered.
We've all fallen from ourselves in the end,

...I am dead.

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