Death Has Come

January 11, 2013
By Punkgirl13 BRONZE, Cresco, Iowa
Punkgirl13 BRONZE, Cresco, Iowa
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I walk along the street
looking at the coffin
I stand alone
no one notices me beside them
I say words to break the silence
and no one hears me
I stare down at the grave
not wanting to leave this place
I grab ahold of my mother’s shoulder
wanting her to feel it
I fall down onto my knees crying
thinking of why I did what I did
I look up to the sky
seeing nothing but the moon shining

I feel a hand on my shoulder, bony and raw
Death has come for me
My shoulders slump and let him take me to the mysterious darkness
Death smiles sadly and knows I will go willingly
He offers a hand staring down at me
I take Death’s hand
One that took so many lives
And still will

We descend to the depths of the underworld
I hear a pounding noise coming from a castle
We enter a dark and sinister celebration
He sets me down in a chair
Death has come home
I look to my left and to my right
Feel nothing but happiness
I look at Death wearing a crown
I feel something on my head
I touch it and see that its my own crown
I am Death’s new wife
The underworld’s new Queen
I smile a bit feeling giggly

I stand up smiling bigger
I say things now and people hear me
I don’t stand alone anymore
I touched Death’s hand now covered with flesh
I look up to see nothing but the chandelier in this ballroom
I look down to see beautiful hardwood floors
He holds up a jeweled goblet
Death says Here’s to our new Queen

I look to Death and smile
I take a sip of the sweet wine
Death looks back at me
He intertwines our arms and takes a drink
He smiles a sensual and sinister smile
I fall into the chair
and fall asleep to the slow sensual beat of the music

Death has taken me
Death has won
Death has me
I am now home

The author's comments:
I was bored and I wanted to write something and this is was happened

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