Our Lives Will Meet Again Someday

January 9, 2013
By softpawsnmayhem SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
softpawsnmayhem SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Your arms wrapped around me
Your warmth burrowing deep into my skin
You whispered into my ear
'I love you'

The last words I heard from you my beloved
You're in a better place they tell me with pity in their eyes
How much anger I have towards pity
But I of course have to sit there and act all nice
For they are only trying to help but fail in the process

But I am done with their comfort and so called help
I should be with you and no one else for that is my rightful place
So it is now that it is my time to go
I'll see you up there love of mine
And one last thing before the deed is done I love you...

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