Fallen Angel

January 4, 2013
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You let yourself fall
Into this pit of darkness
This proverbial hell you were promised.
All those years in the sun
Have left you burnt and unafraid of death
You cry
But this is what you wanted
A respite from the sun
An escape into deepest misery
Where the rain could sooth
Your scorched, tainted skin

You let yourself fall
Despite the life-lines we cast out
Our helping hands.
You descended into this hell
A hell that has been your home
All along.
Because the sun held no sweet warmth
The air scraped out your lungs
You wiped the blood from your eyes
Blood from where your crown of thorns
Had pierced your delicate skin.

You let yourself fall
While acknowledging but not hearing our voices
Telling you the lie we knew by heart
That everything is going to be okay
That we are here beside you
That we knew the pain
That pulsed demonically in your young heart.

You let yourself fall
Into this hell of shadows and mist
This hell that you were promised
This hell that has been your home
All along.

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