Santa Cruz, M'Love

January 9, 2013
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Santa Cruz's voice towers over the others on megaphones. We stand on the front lines together, never looking back at police or fields littered with pamphlets.
She screeches chants about tuition hikes, then program cuts, and a billion other voices roar behind her.
We are told to disperse, and her eyes glow red.
I crawl past the yellow tape, and climb up the tree we're trying to save, then I realize:
Santa Cruz, I want to have yo' babies.
But really, I saw you from across the highway, and I knew I wanted to be with you.
I want to learn about the things you are passionate about.
If we were older,
I'd knock on your front door with a bouquet of golden weeds and ask your mother for you.
We'd go out for tea, until you decide that we would be better off in your living room.
You'd let me pick the movie, knowing that I'd pick a romantic musical... Probably Hair Spray.
And when Penny realizes that she's falling for Sea-Weed, I'll yawn and wrap my arm over your shoulder.
You'll shake me off, with a smile;
Then I'd know that I had beat you to it.
I won't write you a love letter for days after that,
So you show up unannounced and I'll pretend that I'm hiding someone from you, but really, I just wanted to see how long I can go with out you.
I'd try to seduce you, but you'll just kiss my cheek.
I'll light candles, but you'll flip switches until there are no dark rooms.
You'll complain that I never take you anywhere expensive.
I will agree.
You'll tell me that I am not good enough for you, and ask me how Los Angeles is doing.
I'll shrug.
Slowly, we'll grow apart.
I'll forget the dates of your protests.
You'll stop liking my Tumblr posts.
We'll agree that we should see other people.
But I won't.
Instead, I'll write a dozen poems about how much I wanted you.
Only one will reach the ears of an audience.
This isn't that poem,
This is just a recap of our mismatched relationship.
Santa Cruz, I'll look for your landscape outside my window, only to find another city.
I'll search for trees that replicate yours until my feet burn.
But I know that one day you'll accept me back.
I just have to prove that I can make you feel beautiful again.

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