Sunlight Trails

January 9, 2013
You departed this world,
And you made me cry- but I'll take solace, because I know-
You walk sunlight trails,
And climb blue sky ladders-

The moon sings you a lullaby,
And the stars are your night light,
Lulling you to sleep,
With dreams of the emerald that is earth-

You ride on clouds, above the earth,
In the birth place of storms,
But this is also were it rains golden showers-
And tell me. Do you walk in Eden?

I know you sometimes gaze down at me,
When I smile up at you-
Floating on a celestial cloud-
I know you gaze, gaze and smile at me

I went to a stone garden,
And it was their the ghost in the garden asked me- where you went?
I replied, you walk sunlight trails,
And walk blue sky ladders

When I laid you to rest, the birds still sang,
And the lambs still played,
I looked up at you-
And you smiled down-
from a celestial cloud-

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