Where I'm From

January 9, 2013
I am from the words of Disney morals,
Legos that built dreams and precarious architecture
and adventurous stories of pokey puppies, tawny lions, and Tootle the train
all bound in the pages of a golden spine book.
I am from sandy vistas, painted landscapes, and bright blue skies
only broken by distant mountain tops.
I am from animated Nickelodeon that glowed before my eyes,
fruity Pop Rocks that tickled my tongue,
brownies dusted with sweet powdered sugar that became the smell of contentment,
and soft songs sung at night to put me to sleep filling my ears.
I am from “pretend games”
blossoming from the intricate imaginations of my friends and I.
Stories we built ourselves that reflect the most fantastical wishes
we could build.
I am from every detail I have seen,
every experience I have been through,
every emotion I have felt,
every fragment of quirky information that I could collect,
all filling the shape of who I wished to become,
and who I have become.

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