My Marriage Gone Wrong

January 9, 2013
I do
It all started with those two words
Who knew the man I married was a total monster
The way he would now give me angry and drunk beatings
Blood on the floor and on his hands was all I saw
But this isn’t what I expected from the man I loved or did at one point in time

December 26, 1968 the day, I found my guardian angel
Who appeared so concerned and ever so faithful
He held my hand gently and said everything would be okay
He pleaded for me to run away with him
A far-away place somewhere, we could be together
How could I refuse it was love at first sight
It was as if I was in a trance entangled in something that was so wrong but felt so right
The way he spoke made me believe in true love once more
it was finally set him and I were to run away
All went horrid when the man,I had wed went out seeking for blood
You can guess whose
Never the less the task was complete and so went Mister Eli Baxter
The man I loved.

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