If You Were Me

January 8, 2013
By NatWolfe BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
NatWolfe BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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If you were me, you’d be in pain
Suffering, the kind you can’t bear
Depression and hatred

You’d feel like there’s nothing left to love
Feeling empty and vulnerable
Forgetting everything you used to live for

Feeling like your life means nothing
Being careless, reckless, and stubborn
Not caring what anyone says

Sitting in your own little corner
Crying your eyes out
Waiting impatiently for your other half to find you

Sensing your true vampire is coming out of you
Feeling like you can’t sleep anymore
Can’t dream anymore

Wondering what’s left of you
The whole world’s turned on you
That’s how you’d feel for now on and forever
If there even is a forever

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