Stand And Watch

January 7, 2013
My eyes are bleeding
with endless sights
hunger, poverty, homelessness
but I just stand and watch

My nose is clogged
with horrid smells
filth and death
but I just stand and smell

My ears are thundering
with sounds unheard of
guns, cries, and sorrow
but I just stand and listen

My mouth is filled
with things that don’t want to be tasted
blood, dirt, and the mud
but I just stand and taste

My hands are trembling
with the knowledge I know
the world is dying
but I just stand and tremble

My heart awakes me
and walks me towards
the no man’s land
there I watch, listen, and smell

Then I begin to see
the help that I need to provide
and my heart and mind
work together to save

The World

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