Hello Beautiful

January 7, 2013
By WhatACuriosity BRONZE, Arcadia, California
WhatACuriosity BRONZE, Arcadia, California
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Hello Beautiful.
Why do I love thee?
Let me count the ways

You hold my hand.
I have a weird tendency to hold people’s hands sometimes
I love the connection hand-holding creates—
It’s instant friendship!
It’s a sense of security
The smartest bear in the world explains it best:
“Do not try to pry the jar off my head,” Winnie the Pooh said
“because it hurts when you pull
Please simply sit next to me and hold my hand
and the jar will soon come off by itself”
I’ll always hold your hand if you need me to
But who am I kidding…
I’ll hold your hand even if you don’t!

You remind me to walk slower.
I always walk fast because I hate not being where I want to be
I rush from place to place
from goal A to goal B
I get intense when chasing after my dreams so
sometimes the world is a blur of colors as I scurry past
But I like taking it slow

You get me to be more “spicy.”
And what does “spicy” mean?
It means spontaneous
I NEED to be spicy
So we reenact my favorite movie scenes just for the heck of it
We stand on my balcony
raise our hands up in the air like
the Monkey Shaman in The Lion King
and scream “AHHH-AJIINIAAHHH.”

You go to my daily sleepovers.
I’m used to sharing all my thoughts and secrets with you
my therapist and muse
We are a brilliant pair because
You’re you and I’m me

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