Out of the Dark

January 5, 2013
Why can't I just let you go?
I'd love to just stop and refuse to speak
About anything that I ever felt for you
I'm writhing in bed because I can't fall asleep
All you do is cloud my mind
Sometimes you have to tear it open
In order for the wound to get better
So I'll listen to every song
That has ever reminded me of you
And I'll think about our times
The beautiful memories that I had
And I'll look into your eyes
And I'll feel my heart tighten
I'll feel my soul fall
And I'll watch my spirits drop
And I'll watch my mood plummet, without a stop
After all this darkness
I will go to her
And I will begin to speak
And I wont think about you
No tear will ever run down my cheek
And now I'll feel fine
And I will hold my head high
And I wont ever cry
And I will come out of the darkness
And be in love with the light.

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