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January 4, 2013
I am Japanese

I am American.
The islands are my homeland.

The states are my home.
We were angry, we fought.

We were wounded, we went to war.
Many of our own died at the hands of the Americans.

Too many of my friends, my comrades, were killed.
It was the Americans that did it.

The Japanese pushed us to it.
See reason, America – let us be.

If you saw things our way, Japan, it would end.
We fear attack.

Fat Man, Little Boy – both ready to fight.
Our government will not back down.

Even now, we prepare.
If they did, would we have peace?

It is the only way to have peace.
A shadow looms over Japan.

The shade of the men touches Japan, even now.
Vengeance will be given, we can feel it.

In the boys we will be made even.
A warning sounds through our homes.

The plane engines whirr violently in our minds.
Hide, run.

Three, two . . .
It’s over.


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