If I Were Sane at 0

January 6, 2013
If I were sane at 0,
I would have freed myself from

future woe.
I would have isolated myself before

I could go.
My heart is entwined

with yours, oh!
the pain forever destined

to follow.

If I were sane at 0,
I would have willed death before

I could grow.
I would not hesitate,

never slow.
My heart was opened

at birth, oh!
how I wish it

stayed hollow.

If I were sane at 0,
I would have had more

strength to show.
I would now be among the

ashes, low.
My heart was innocent and

tender, oh!
my tears would not have been

meant to flow.

If she were then also sane,
She would have quickly

done the same.
She would have gladly

left life’s game.
She has at last gone

away, late!
assuming death

as her fate.

You are senseless to the pain of your shove.
It was not my choice to love.

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