My Fallen Angel

January 6, 2013
My angel what has happened to you?
What have they done?
Your once joyful face is now full of sorrow.
Tell me, how have they hurt you?

Their words are like ice, cold and hard as stone.
Those hurtful words never cease to repeat in your head like a broken record.
Each time shattering a piece of your heart.
Tearing at your soul like wolves.

You deserve so much better.
So much more than they could ever give.
nothing good will ever come from them.
For they do not live for the Lord.

I'm asking you to just ignore them.
Hurting yourself will do no good.
Don't give in and let them win.
They want you to forfeit your life.

My fallen angel, i cant believe they did this to you.
Your once beautiful face is now etched in my memory, never to be forgotten.
Your wings have now burned out.
You're looking down on me now.
But you will always be my fallen angel.

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