Degradation of Sexual Sanctity

January 5, 2013
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When GOD said
“…and the two shall become one flesh…”
He crafted
a tender union of two bodies
becoming one spirit;
a sacred ore buried beneath shafts
of matrimonial ties.

Not a cheap commodity
sold on raucous city streets
in dimly lit city corners

Not a mere by-word
among too-curious over-exuberant youths
whose small hands cannot grasp
the depths of their actions

Not a mandatory means
to daily bread
imposed on the unwilling bearers of poverty

Not a onetime wild ride
leaving muddy tire tracks and dents
on human heart highways

Not a senseless theft
of dignity;
lust-crazed rapine

But a precious, priceless pearl,
unseen and unknown
but to those whose altar vows
gently pry it from its shell

And yet,
of all places to unleash their premature passions,
they chose a urinal!

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