An explanation.....of what is inexplicable

January 4, 2013
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Love is the poetic scribbling,

Whispered in an ear
Love is the breath that catches,

And the brain pauses,
At the mere
Of his smile.
It is the laughter,

The happiness,

The tears,
And the
Raging inside of you
The fighters are the fractions of your soul.
-And your battle-
To remain

To remain as a whole
That will not die with the loss of the your other half.
The half gentle words,

And a roguish heart have

Love is the craving
To be closer
Though there is no space between you.
It is the exhilaration sweeping through your body
With nothing but a chaste kiss.
It is when your sight

No longer comprehends the physical

But the essence of the man


- Personalized husk-
..Does not exist.
Love is the coaxing of tender feelings
To open your mind
and let out all darkness,
Until only

Love, it is a serenity

A restlessness,

A comfort,

And a pain.
It is a changing of hormones
Unexplained by science.
It is a feeling that changes all

And makes life become a joy for those that do not contain the emotion- but thrive upon it.
Love creates happiness,
It creates inspiration
It creates the idea that as humans we have a purpose,
And that in the end, it does not matter who we are, our form, or position in life,

Love, such a simple word
Means that we truly belong.

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