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January 4, 2013
I know you exist,
People keep telling me you don’t,
But you have to,
I only put that pencil down a minute ago
And now I can’t find it,
I swear to god I left my wallet on my desk,
I only let go of his hand
For five seconds,
I set my heart down for a minute
And when I turned around it was gone,
It’s all fun and games until someone loses an
I, know you exist

But I don’t know why,
Maybe your parents neglected you,
Maybe no one ever held you
And told you they loved you,
Maybe you get lonely sometimes
So you take my things
And substitute them for the friends you’ve never had,
Maybe your boyfriend hit you
And said he’d leave you if you didn’t vacuum
And you haven’t been able
To turn off your black hole since,
Maybe your antidepressants
Aren’t working either

Or maybe I’m coming at this
From the wrong angle,
Maybe you are angry,
Window punching, plate breaking, furious,
Maybe your girlfriend left you
And you want everyone to know how it feels
To be left behind,
Maybe when the playground bully beat you up
You hit back even harder,
Maybe you are jealous that other people
Have nice things and you don’t
So you are taking them out of spite,
Maybe someone broke you
And now all you can do is smash people
And grind their bones into dust as you laugh

But please, don’t get me wrong,
I’m not trying to accuse you,
I’m trying to make you realize that I understand,
I have doled out my fair share
Of black eyes,
I have played mind games,
Chipped away at people piece by piece
Until they could no longer stand on their own
And then pushed them to the ground,
But I have also been that girl,
Crying hysterically on a strangers shoulder
Until they felt so uncomfortable
That they too started crying,
I asked her to hold me and sing me to sleep
Five minutes after I met her,
I understand, I really do

So I guess what I’m trying to say is,
Do you have room for one more lost thing?
I know I don’t look like much,
I know I write bad poems and cry too often,
When I sing in the shower it is always off key,
All my shoes have holes in them,
All my holy thoughts have holes in them,
Sometimes I sleep for fifteen hours straight
And I never make my bed,
But I think you might be my last chance
Of finding somewhere I belong

I will befriend the TV remote
Knocked behind the sofa,
I will write love poems
For the misplaced plane ticket,
I will sing lullabies to every button and earring,
I will kiss the spare change
Dropped between the couch cushions,
I will make love to that one last puzzle piece
That everyone hates so much,
I will play fetch with the lost dog,
Name him Shakespeare,
And build him a giant dog house,
I will make you a home,
I know you exist,
Just tell me you understand me too,
Please, tell me you understand.

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