Poem for my child

January 1, 2013
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Oh the things they taught me. Oh the things you will learn. Although it will not be easy and I know it will not all be as sweet as honey, but honey I know you will make it through. Through all the tears and the laughter, don’t forget you will learn something in the end.
Although I do not yet know you, I know how great you can be already. I can see you now as open minded as a cloud and as free as one of the birds flying among them.
Oh my dear little one, call me what you want. Make me a name you feel fits me, even if it fits my flaws and my faults, because no one is perfect.
No one is perfect. Not everyone will get you, but who cares if not everyone likes you, because those who do love you. When the time comes I know I must let you go out into the world on your own, but that sounds like a great way to learn to me. Life is about guessing and hoping for the bust. Don’t worry though… you’re Irish, the luck is own your side. At the same time remember it takes more than luck to get by. Life gets better the more you know, so live and learn.
Some are going to be meaner than others, trust me I know. Some are going to steal your heart right out of your heart right out of your chest. They are going to use it and abuse it, then throw it in the trash, but don’t forget, not everyone is like this. Your prince charming is out there somewhere go find him. And when you get your heart broken, I know it will hurt. The best way to fix it is with staples, glue, and duct tape, or a big bowl of ice cream will do the trick too. P.S. If your heart was truly broken you would be dead, so get back up on your feet and when the times right get back out there again.
If you fail the best thing to do is get back up and try again. In other words… “Rub some dirt on it Johnny!” As a wise friend of mine always said “Get knocked down seven, get up eight.” At the same time remember you can’t always win.
There will be bad days, where nothing foes your way, but there will also be days where you’re on top of everything. “Well, my mama always told me, there will be days like this.” On these days, all your hopes and dreams will be as safe as safe can be. As my mother told me and I will tell you, “Although in one mind you may be a weed that won’t die in a perfect garden of Eden, where in another mind you are the garden itself.
I once read a poem by the name of Point B. In this poem Miss Sarah Kay said a lot of powerful things, but there’s one thing that stuck with me. She wrote, “But I want her to know that this world is made out of sugar, it can crumble easily, but don’t be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it.” At first I could not think of why this line stuck out to me, but then I thought maybe it’s because as sugar gets older, and as it bonds itself with others, it gets stronger. As you grow and make friends yourself, you will get stronger, just as sugar does.
There is not much in this world I know to be true. Things are always changing to become new. Yet, there are a few things I like to believe to be true. That you can be spiritual, but not religious, that everyone is equal, that high school drama never ends, that if there was world peace a lot of things would be boring… like hockey, and that music is life. There is one thing I will always know to be true and that is that I love you.

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Pattyn88 said...
Jan. 8, 2013 at 4:31 pm
Sorry this is so long. I used it for a class project and it had to be so many words.
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