The Stranger

December 31, 2012
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A Stranger hurries down between claustrophobic walls
A Stranger in a suit and tie, with piercing eyes so bright
He is dressed as if for Cinderella’s ball
His attire is expensive; for him no price is too great
His shoes are of finest leather, clomp the cobbles at a steady rate
The ladies, they pass, they gaze in wonder for a while
They ponder what mysteries this man hides beneath
He catches their stares and flashes them a smile
But the splendor of his ivory, it betrays him, a thief

Now the ladies scream, breaking the stillness of the night
On foot he runs; past the horses, through the streets
The winking eye of gold, snatched from his victim outright
The police will be out now; hunting for pirates with their dogged fleets
Anonymity is what he desires; losing yourself is an art form many seek
Through an alley he dodges; away from angry shouts and jeers
His footfalls echo, amplified by the adrenaline rushing to his cheeks
Swerving this way and that; down, down to the docks he veers
Pausing at a dockside pub: The Green Meadow

He straightens his suit, adjusts his collar, and sits down with grace
Looking around the room he spies a friend spring forth from a shadow
A man sits down across from our villain; his clothes are common-place
“Have you anything for me tonight?” The man asks with a smirk
“Only a small trinket.” The Stranger admits, with the ghost of a smile
With bewilderment upon his face the man sputters at the trinket’s worth
The Stranger laughs a devilish laugh; “Ha, best you’ve seen in a while.”

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