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Nature's Ballet

December 31, 2012
By BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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The breeze blows through the hills
And the earth comes alive
The grass sways with grace and ease
The trees waltz with steady assurance, each step sure and true 
The brook leaps and falls without care, laughing lightheartedly with each pirouette 
The daisies rise and fall light and easy, their pale skin bright in the moonlight 
The violets spin dramatically and passionately, their eyes like dark shining stars in the night, piercing all who watch
But none compare to the red rose
Her leaps and twirls hypmotize the stones and the leaves
With hands on her smooth green hips, she rises towards the heavens
Her lush bosom turns with elegance 
Her sheath like blood in the spectral night
And for one moment, nature dances with such agility and beauty and joy
That all else shrinks in its presence
Then the breeze fades
The land turns still
And the greenery falls into serenity 

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