We Last Forever

December 30, 2012
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Let us go hand in hand
Down that empty road
Knowing that no man can separate us
Take us from our homes
We are secure in this
In that which we have made
For though the fires rage
And the people age
We last forever
No angel from heaven
Or demon from hell
Is strong enough to part us
For we are one soul
Placed in two bodies
Sealed at last
Let our love break the curse
For we are strong
We last forever
Push and pull those demons may
But we belong securely in the sun
No darkness can blanket our eyes
No emptiness take us over
Scream and yell those angels might
For we are creatures beyond their light
No light can blind us
No falsities fill us
We last forever
We take our light and our fill from each other
Secure in the knowledge that home
Is always there
Our clasped hands shall never break
We are stronger than iron
As constant as the stars
United before God himself
Never to be parted
We last forever

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