The Boss,Na or Me?

December 30, 2012
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I woke up that morning,
with screams from upstairs.
I dashed up the stairway,
to see who was there.
My granny was shivering.
She'd had a bad dream.
She needed the doctor,
or so it did seem.
I called for Doc Marco,
he rushed from his home.
He checked Na's temperature,
but why did she moan?
We took her too Queensland,
the beat in our town.
She needed an IV
and so,it went down.
I told, my Na goodbye,
and rushed down to work.
My boss started shouting,
he called me a jerk.
He asked why I came late,
and got no reply.
He let me say nothing-
no quiver,no sigh.
I told him Na's story.
He looked indifferent.
He heard,but didn't listen,
out of work I was sent.
But later,he opened.
His heart softened up.
He called me,he listened.
He put me on top.
Before then, I angered.
his words made me see.
But who's to be blamed-
the boss, Na or me?

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