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December 27, 2012
By Theviolinthepoet BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Theviolinthepoet BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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I am the optimist.
Seeing happiness in all
Even when you fall down
And hurt yourself again and again
I'll find you the bright side
Even when you feel you don't need it
For you always need me
Even at the hardest of times
When you try to push me away
When your battered and broken
I heal your wounds
I am the leader you need to follow
So always stay near.

I am the pessimist
My outlook mostly dark
Finding the malice in situations
It just makes me feel worse
I can't help what I see though
And it does anger me
My feelings spread around
Creates others to see them
And feel down
Can I ever break free from the dark chains surrounding me?

I am the dreamer
Forcing hope into all faces
Making them believe in all the
Stories I've created.
Santa Claus, fairies, magicians and world peace.
All concoctions of mine
That try to put the human mind at ease
You should never know when to trust me
For I may reward you with false hope
But don't shun me from your life
It's an impossibility
For being a dreamer, unfortunately comes naturally

I am the realist
I look at the world through neutral, observant eyes
I see the good and the bad
I see the truth and the lies
I show you what you should actually see
And don't try to give you
A false sense of reality.
You try to avoid me
For you think I may ruin all your fun
Make your life more difficult
Like a game that can never be won.
But I am the ultimate teacher
The only one from which you may learn
So begin to have trust in me
For I will truly prepare you for the world

The optimism will save you
When the pessimism locks you away
The realist will guide you
When the dreamer attempts to hide you

The pessimism shows you
The depressing sides of life
The sides you wish not to travel to
But the ones that pull you in all the time

The dreamer will deceive you
Hide away the truth
And the realist will free you
But show you the pessimistic views
The ones you don't want to see but then learn that you need to
For they make way for the optimism welling up inside of you.

The optimist comes out from hiding
Behind the dreamers shadow of lies
It leads the way and tells you it's okay
That the realist is right
And the dreamer is lying
And the pessimist will meet you again

It shows you the truth that you
Don't want to hear
And saves you from
Depression and trickery

There is no way to avoid it
You just need to embrace it
And once you do
Your mind feels better
And let's you begin to break free of the chains
And shake off the fairy tales
It shows you your life at it's fullest
It shows you the only way to live

The author's comments:
My way of describing how we need the good, bad, real and fake to understand anything to its fullest.

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