Laughing at the Sky

January 2, 2013
You've said i have some "quality"

You've said that you "believe" in me

You've said that it'll get "better"

That life changes direction, like a feather in the wind

All I have to do is hold high up my chin

But you tell me not to look down

So you can laugh when I trip, for I'm not looking at my feet

And you attack me like a Hyena when it gets a favorite meat

But I look toward the sky because I've found

Someone who means what they say

A place where one day i will lay

On streets of which you may only see in dreams

Where there are only songs, no screams

Love is of abundance

Death is not known or of substance

I wish you could have been true to me

And true to you

You could have lived this impeccable fantasy

This why you never laugh at the girl

Who will once own the world

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