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Happiest of Prisoners.

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Some people glance
But others stare.
Their icy glazed eyes,
Voice a silent dare.
I hear it.

A dare to be different,
A threat will follow,
If you don't fit in,
Beware of tomorrow!
I take it. Alone.

There are standards to follow,
Rules bind me strong.
Laws have been set down,
Right is clear, and so is wrong.
Prisoner am I.

Falter you mustn't!
Eyes are on you.
Slip and you'll see
How friends turn different hues.
I panic.

All these laws,
All these principles!
Why should I care?
This is just way to much for me to bear.
I sink.

I've fallen.
Lost the dare.
Faltered, slipped, drowned, failed.
Hear how they sneer?
I'm crushed.

Then Providence took form of blessed mentor,
And came down to lead me,
To a humble window,
Showed me a new light, and pointed to a forgotten Detail.
I'm rejuvenated.

Now some people glance,
But still others glare,
Still do they voice,
Their silent dare.
I take it. But not alone.

There are standards to follow,
Doctrines bind me strong.
Happiest of prisoners,
I sing a happy song.
Sing with me.

These laws that bind me,
Bind me closer to Him,
And, woe, should they not!
Where would I be?
Where..? Do you see?

These rules protect me,
Like the rails on a crib.
And now these principles,
Aren't too much for me.
I'm not alone.

People still cheer,
For me to fall.
But outnumbered are they,
Millions want me, looking upward, to suceed!
And so, I shall!

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