Judgmental People

December 25, 2012
If looks could kill
I would've died ten tI'mes a week
I can feel their stares
Their snickers
Burning my flesh
I'm tired of putting my head down To you people
Judgmental freaks
They think they know me
They have one piece of information
My name
They don't know my life
They cant feel or see my pain
They are blinded by jealousy
Attacking me and my family
The people I once come to love
Are now my enemies
I didn't make them that way
I tried to overlook Their "I'mperfections"
"We are all I'mperfect"
Yeah yeah yeah i get it
But that does not give the right To put me down
I'm here to defend my family's name.
One of us went down in front of everyone
And its like you took us all down
You judgmental freaks!
Don't call yourselves my friend
You are not apart of me anymore
The domino effect seems like my New normal
My family, my friends, school, Confidence and happiness all went down
Like in the same day
I'm losing everything
like Job
He lost everything he hold dear
His money
His kids
His friends
His wife's faith in God
But he never gave up
Never was mad at God
I should do the same
Never give up
So that's why I'm going to walk away
From you judgmental people
Playing God
I need to move on with my own life
You suck
Good day.

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