Dragon Fire

December 29, 2012
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great, golden wings erupt
from the scaly creature’s back
consuming the night as the potential torch takes off
a beady golden eye peers down at the earth below
this is no fickle beast,
but a creature of justice:
and he has found his prey tonight.
yes, he has found his prey in the pretty liar
the wrinkled and hubristic old fool
the resentful ones
those who do not quite fit the country’s diet
and so they will become the dragon’s.
a noose is too good for these criminals, many say
a bullet too clean
so they will surrender their young, their old
to this winged magistrate.
he, however, will not devour them.
in direct disobedience with his orders from Above,
he will grant them redemption.
for a price.
those who truly wish for freedom
those whose hearts beat true
will find themselves far away
marked only by an odd,
dragon-shaped scar on their dominant hand,
shimmering gold every time they glance at the past.
and those who think they can outsmart Justice?
think they can outwit the All-Seeing and the Past?
these poor souls will find themselves wandering
in a seemingly endless land, perpetually hot
hell of a different name:
Dragon Fire.

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