paint me a river

December 27, 2012
By blahblah0303 BRONZE, Shangha, Other
blahblah0303 BRONZE, Shangha, Other
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paint me a river-

shadow of a solitary cat thrown against the wall
tear the solitude asunder; rippling pleasure
a tale of two cities untold;
a coldness plunging three miles deep into antarctia's tears
apparition of the latenight goodbyes,
repeated verse of a nation wandering
i called to the sea of waves; find me within the shadow of empty space;

wonderland; something caught inside; it can rip apart cities
aircrafts taking flight
all ends in ash, doomed bliss sings in wind
breathe uncertainty and force it down your throat; caught in a tree shuddering
we have the souls of oak trees humming
under deceased darkness the clocks are caught counting away the seconds
fit in a sigh in every transformation

a young woman not a child
carries the embryo of divinity
will cling to the night viciously and refuse to let go
will morning rise and she feeds the hours to the lake
even Time trembles in this wild wind
he drifts in his sea of blood, smiling.
trenchant glass to a fatigued consciousness

this is a case of faces
a house of empty cards
a deck wrongfully played
to efface all reason in this sinister chime

manifesto- murder it from within

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