All it takes is courage.

December 27, 2012
courage is all it takes.

Sometimes you just need to be strong, to escape the horrible truth of this world. Sometimes you have to not give in, but fight back .Sometimes you have to ignore what others say and pursue what your heart tells you. Sometimes you need to cry, just don't consume yourself in the darkness, but be brave enough to see through the tears. Sometimes you have to open your eyes and face your fears. You can't please everybody, but try to accomplish the happiness inside yourself . Try to be true to who you are . Don't be the person everyone says you are, be yourself. Don't be ashamed to show your true colors. Everyone makes mistakes but only few are capable of fixing them. Everyone has a story to tell, and you have one as well. But it's up to you to choose what role you play. Only you decide whether you tell your story or others do: it's up to you to keep you feet on the ground. Sometimes all it takes is courage.

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