The Crazed

December 28, 2012
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How could the crazed be who they are
They have no free will
We do not give them any
But in the darkest hour guilt overpowers us
Who is to blame for that?
And we turn to the sludgiest of mud,
To the hottest of sun
Or to the hardest of dull, unnoticed walls.
What should we do though?
The thought of turning to some hero that
Could go wrong is the nightmare in each of us.
Some of us cling on to the guilt and let it
Give us courage.
So what’s stopping you?
Are you the beast the world gets rid of?
Could you help those less than you
Or would you walk away
From the helpless, innocent bluebirds
That song have blown away like the urban leaves of the random
Tree that in autumn sheds its leaves.
We need to rebuilt those songs back
In their empty minds,
Fill them with courage,
Most importantly Hope.

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