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The Goldfish

A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds. This means they’re constantly meeting new people, having new, undiscovered adventures, and happily going about life. I, as a human, have a memory span much larger than three seconds. I am comfortable to those I am familiar with; I go out once in a while. I like to go about life at a constant, steady pace. Yet, I am jealous of this little guppy on my bedside table. When he makes a mistake (as far as goldfish mistakes go), he moves on with his life and rebuilds something new, something better, if only momentarily. The goldfish is able to be anyone it wants to be, at any second, forgetting all its inhibitions, able to reinvent a life for itself in a fraction of a minute. I am stuck in my own ways, fearful of change, pleasant with what I have, but always feeling the need for more, while the goldfish lives free, in wonder and amazement, passionate about the now, making every second (literally) of its life count. I strive to be like the goldfish in order to maintain that excitement and vigorously exert myself to new things and new beings, living freely in the big blue (the water in the bowl; the water of the earth). The goldfish is a more than well respected creature in my eyes, and in my heart.

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