The Journey of Twists and Turns

December 25, 2012
Broken from the rest of the old world
Searching for a way into the new one
Tugging, yanking and pulling
On the restraints holding me in
A chain breaks
A small crack
Free- I am
My soul searches
Mermaid instincts take over
In place of the broken chain
Grows a silvery tail
Glowing with scales
Of redemption
My soul floats
Nowhere in particular
Just away
Into the land of wishes

Floating still, the heart steps in
It questions
It must, for the tears and rips
Are still ever so new
On its skin
It inquires
About leaving
All that has ever been known
In the dust

The soul halts
Fishy fins gone
Replaced by spikes
Of icy anger
Doubt fills every corner
No longer floating
But striking the air
With every movement

One part of the soul fights back
The crook that hopes
“Go” it protests
Oh so softly
It whispers
But still so deafening
The soul jolts
Awakened by these words
And changes course
To go towards
The lands of dreams

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