God Told Me I Would

December 24, 2012
You said I couldn’t, but I knew I could.
He said I shouldn’t, but I know I should.
She said I can’t, but I know I can.
They said I didn’t, but I know I did.
All of them said I wouldn’t, but I knew I would.

The sun told me I couldn’t shine, so I turned my back against all darkness.
The thunder told me I shouldn’t roar louder, so I let the world hear my voice.
The rain told me I couldn’t fly faster, so I flew faster than I ever thought I could.
The wind told me I wouldn’t sway, so sway I would, and I did.

My mom told me I couldn’t maintain straight A’s, but I knew I could, and I got a 4.0
My dad told me I shouldn’t talk to strangers, but I knew I should, and I befriended everyone in my school.
My brother said I couldn’t outrun him, but I knew I could, and I beat him in every race.
My sister said I didn’t know the first thing about love, but I knew I did, so I married my high-school sweetheart.
All of them said I wouldn’t, but God told me I would.

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