The road to Galilee

December 24, 2012
I see the star,
But I just can't believe
That some one came for me-

I want to go to Paris,
And kiss him on the tower,
But I think I'll avoid Notre Dam-

But I'm just not ready,
To go the road,
To Galilee-

It don't matter how far I go,
Cuz it's not going to erase the pain,
Or make me any less hollow.

The mirror always shows me,
No matter how I change myself-
I doubt any one wants me.

I'm not against religion,
I just don't see why
I need it

The truth is, it scares me,
To grow old.
I'm worried about the thorns,

I'll have to tread,
To go down the road,
To Galilee

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