By You, For You

December 24, 2012
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How many times can I be broken
How many times will I cry
By you, for you
I'm dying inside
By you, for you
When the fates collide
And I'm not around
And you're left in the dark, What will you do
Where will you go
When you're broken
And you're crying
By me, for me.

Oh, I would wait forever
But I may not be here
When forever comes our way
I'll cling to the love
I have for you, in my heart
And I will try to hang on
For when our fates collide
And I'll be by your side

Even when you're with her
Will you think of me
And you and our memories
I'm begging you please
Don't ever forget
That you'll always have me
And I wouldn't ever
Leave you alone
When you would need me
I'd already be there
I'll already be there

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