December 23, 2012
It's easy enough to pretend
That you're simply another figure
Built from rough shapes and smeared paint
Part of the seemingly solid block
Of human mass that flood
The streets and hallways
Souls that rush to flood the daily backdrops
Until the coarsely hew edges of your skin
And the perfect clarity of your eyes
Eviscerate the scene
Leaving unspoken words to be outlines
On the pavement
We snipped the cord that day
Allowing shocked lungs to
Suck in the first breath
In order to proclaim unanimous outrage
Thieves! There are fools among us!
We attempt to hold smiles
On our shaking slates of teeth
Though this awkward grimace is fooling no one
You said that we had become "those people"
And sprung forth the idea
That we must, for the sake of our sanity,
Remain awash in the filth of our idiocy
A rudely crafted guise hung over the truth
Of now
Where our downcast eyes
Must never flicker at the others' again
And our twitching hands can't ever meet
As we stack bricks between us
Until it's safe to exist once more

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